Will There Ever Be A Cure For Autism

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Will There Ever Be A Cure For Autism
What is the cure for autism? Everyone is asking and wondering about that? In the medical world, it is believed that there is no cure for autism. While in fact there are many treatments available, no exact treatment can fit to all autistic children.

There are many treatments, both school-based and home-based, which focuses on reducing the symptoms, maximizing the kid’s ability, and supporting the learning and development. Before taking any of the treatments, it is better if you have thorough tests and diagnosis to confirm that what happens to your child is really autism. It is also possible that the symptoms you observe belong to other kinds of disorder. If so, then the treatments will be different.

Not satisfied with what the doctors inform them, many parents of autistic children still wonder ‘will there ever be a cure for autism?’ What are mostly recommended nowadays are therapies. The therapies can be both for the autistic children and their family. Some doctors may also prescribe some medications though in fact the medications cannot improve the core signs of autism. However, they can control the symptoms. Doctors may prescribe antidepressants for anxiety, antipsychotic drugs for severe behavioral problems, and other kinds of drugs.

People are just hoping that there will be new cure for autism. Since they don’t have satisfactory answer from the doctors, many parents opt to seek many options of alternative medicine. Some creative therapies, using art or music, are often chosen by parents to reduce the kid’s sensitivity of touch and sound. 

Parents also try to change the diets by applying certain diet strategies. But, before applying this, you should consult to a registered dietitian with expertise on autism. Chelation therapy is also used to remove mercury and heavy metals from the body, which is believed to be the cause if autism. To improve the symptoms, some parents also choose acupuncture.